Woodlodge Pots

Slug Guard Pots

White or Grey W38 x H31 cm £16.99


Copper band repels slugs & snails.

100% recycled plastic

William Morris Pots

W30 x H29 cm £26.99 Code-YKELM30

W24 x H24 cm £19.99 Code-YKELM24  

W20 x H21 cm £12.99 Code-YKELM20  

W16 x H16 cm £7.99 Code-YKELM16

Weave Pots

W38 x H31 cm £34.99 Code-YWEAVE38  

H31 x W27 cm £26.99 Code-YWEAVE31  

W25 x H22 cm £17.99 Code-YWEAVE25  

W19 x H17 cm £9.99 Code-YWEAVE19

Thai Salt Glaze Pots

W55 x H38 cm £39.99 Code-YTHAG1

W44 x H31 cm £29.99 Code-YTHAG2

W33 x H27 cm £14.99 Code-YTHAG3

W26 x H22 cm £5.99 Code-YTHAG4

Thai Salt Glaze Pots

W44 x H40 cm £39.99 Code-YTHA44

W35 x H30 cm £24.99 Code-YTHA35

W27 x H20 cm £12.99 Code-YTHA27

W22 x H15 cm £5.99 Code-YTHA22

Button Pots

W38 x H32 cm £22.99 Code-YBUTTON2

W32 x H28 cm £16.99 Code-YBUTTON3

W27 x H24 cm £9.99 Code-YBUTTON4

W22 x H19 cm £6.99 Code-YBUTTON5

Croft Cylinder Pots

W34 x H30 cm £24.99 Code-YCROFT34

W28 x H25 cm £17.99 Code-YCROFT28

W23 x H21 cm £11.99 Code-YCROFT23

Florin Cylinder Pots

W38 x H31 cm £32.99 Code-YFLORIN38

W31 x H27 cm £26.99 Code-YFLORIN31

W25 x H22 cm £17.99 Code-YFLORIN25

W19 x H17 cm £9.99 Code-YFLORIN19

Pak Choi Cylinder Pots

W38 x H31 cm £32.99 Code-YPAKC38

W31 x H27 cm £26.99 Code-YPAKC31

W25 x H22 cm £17.99 Code-YPAKC25

W19 x H17 cm £9.99 Code-YPAKC19

Shell Cylinder Pots

W38 x H31 cm £32.99 Code-YSHELL38

W31 x H27 cm £26.99 Code-YSHELL31

W25 x H22 cm £17.99 Code-YSHELL25

W19 x H17 cm £9.99 Code-YSHELL19

Stoke Glazed Pots

W38 x H32 cm £19.99 Code-YSTOKE38

W30 x H26 cm £14.99 Code-YSTOKE30

W25 x H20 cm £9.99 Code-YSTOKE25

W21 x H18 cm £5.99 Code-YSTOKE21

Aesop Pot

W42 x H40 cm £29.99 Code-YAESOP1

W34 x H32 cm £22.99 Code-YAESOP2

W28 x H26 cm £12.99 Code-YAESOP3

W22 x H20 cm £5.99 Code-YAESOP3

Aesop Bowl

W42 x H21 cm £19.99 Code-YAESOPB1

W34 x H17 cm £12.99 Code-YAESOPB2

W28 x H14 cm £7.99 Code-YAESOPB3

W22 x H11 cm £3.99 Code-YAESOPB4

Chelsea Square Pots

W45 x H45 cm £49.99 Code-YCHEL45

W38 x H38 cm £36.99 Code-YCHEL38

W27 x H27 cm £19.99 Code-YCHEL27

Chelsea Cylinder Pots

W45 x H45 cm £49.99 Code-YCHELCY45

W38 x H38 cm £36.99 Code-YCHELCY38

W32 x H32 cm £26.99 Code-YCHELCY32

W27 x H27 cm £19.99 Code-YCHELCY27

Regent Fibreclay Pots

W45 x H45 cm £49.99 Code-YREGENT1

W38 x H38 cm £36.99 Code-YREGENT2

W32 x H32 cm £26.99 Code-YREGENT3

W27 x H27 cm £19.99 Code-YREGENT4

W23 xH23 cm £12.99 Code-YREGENT5

Artifact Bowls

W40 x H28 cm £29.99 Code-YARTIB40

W31 x H22 cm £19.99 Code-YARTIB31

W24 x H18 cm £12.99 Code-YARTIB24

W18 x H14 cm £6.99 Code-YARTIB18

Artifact Pots

W40 x H42 cm £39.99 Code-YARTIP40

W31 x H34 cm £26.99 Code-YARTIP31

W24 x H27 cm £16.99 Code-YARTIP24

W18 x H20 cm £8.99 Code-YARTIP18

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Vera's Coffee Shop



Opening Times

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Saturday       8.30 am - 4.00 pm

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Last hot food orders 3.00 pm

but our homemade sweet & savoury snacks from the counter are available till close.


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Please see Vera's Coffee Shop page for our menus and the times they are served.

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